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Gregor Bausch











Work experience





08/2012 - current

Main activities and responsibilities

Planning and development of a multi-tier environment in the area of IPTV

- Satllite RedHat Server

- VMWare ESX - 80 virtual guests per Environment (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production)

- 6 physical servers HP DL385

- SAN with multipath

- 10GB LAN bonding with LACP

To implement the project, a complete network infrastructure has been rebuilt, in which load balancers further direct the requests from consumers to the application server which manage the TV content.

Type of business or sector





02/2006 - 07/2012

Main activities and responsibilities

Technical project management, design, architecture, engineering

Migration of server applications and complete system landscapes from SUSE Linux 7.3 to SLES 9 / RHEL4 / 5

Creation of actual data on total system solutions and the creation of target configurations and migration plans to upgrade the system landscapes on RHEL4 / 5

Evaluation, development, implementation and evaluation of test scenarios and environments

Preparation of documentation such as technical collection, checklists for migration and controlled go-live operation with migration systems

Migration of various web applications and database systems from SUSE Linux 7.3 on SLES 9 and RHEL4, migration of databases and data bases of industry applications

Maintenance of the CMDB with Peregrine ServiceCenter

Support & Engineering in daily business

Migration of Web applications of LSG SkyChefs using RHEL 4 and Windows Server 2003

Project support for migration DZ Bank

Supported the structure of the server environment Westphalian general newspaper

Construction & Maintenance of a functional test environment under VMWare ESX 3.5


IT Environment:

Apache 1 and 2, CVS, Java, Oracle Tools, Peregrine Service Center, Tomcat, RHEL 4 & 5, Red Hat Satellite Server, SUSE Linux 7.3, SUSE kickstart, autoyast, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, MySQL 4 and 5, Windows 2003 server, CMDB,



HP DL 360 G4, HP DL380 G4 and G5 Server, HP ProLiant DL385 G5, HP ML 585 G4, SUN Metra T1, Sun Fire 2400, Sun Enterprise Server 450, SUN Enterprise Server 6000 and 6500, Photon SUN, IBM X-Series X300, X330, X380, IBM Netfinity, IBM Storage 9000

Type of business or sector

Airline & IT




10/2005 - 01/2006

Main activities and responsibilities

Projectconsulting in a SUN Solaris environment


SUN E280, E450, E15K, Netra

HP DL740, DL360, rx4640


Peregrine Service Center

Solaris 8, 9, 10

Linux SLES 9.0, RedHat ES 3

Linux Slackware (Workstation)

VMWare ESX, GSX 3.0

Windows 2000 Server

Type of business or sector





03/2005 - 09/2005

Main activities and responsibilities

Leading the 3rd level Support-Team on site in Frankfurt

Conception of Firewalls over 5 Zones

Setting up Applikation server (Apache/Tomcat)

Setting up High Availability (Heartbeat)

Conception of Load Balancing (Pound)

SSL Conception

Disaster-recovery Conception

Documentation of the implemented Linux-solutions

Type of business or sector





03/2004 - 09/2004

Main activities and responsibilities

Planning and Conception of the LAN/WAN infrastructure

Structured Design of the Network


Statusreport and Milestone-Trend Analysis

Documentation of Installation- and operational handbook

Type of business or sector





04/2003 - 12/2003

Main activities and responsibilities

Planning and conception of the LAN/WAN infrastructure

Consulting for the Hardware procurement

Building up the Network (Slackware Linux, Windows XP)

LAN/WAN Concept

Setting up internet connectivity (http, https, smtp, imap)


Type of business or sector

International Research Community




06/2002 - 03/2003

Main activities and responsibilities

Building up a network-department to increase the consulting portfolio of ECS

Re-structuring the internal network

Analysing the concepts for Axpo CH

Rewriting Print / Secure Print concepts

Process analysis through "Structured Analysis"

Building up a project auditing for Axpo CH


Type of business or sector

Consulting (employed)




11/2001 - 06/2002

Main activities and responsibilities

Setting up the complete Company-Network using:

Mandrake SNF (Firewall, IPTables)

SuSE Linux Fileserver (SMB, NFS)

Microsoft Small Business Server

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Consulting for the Hardware procurement

Compl. conception and documentation of the project (Security, User)

Type of business or sector





07/2001 - 11/2001

Main activities and responsibilities

Product Management

Responsible for the release plan of Antigen products

Business Development

Organizing trainings for resellers and customers

Building a representation of Sybari in Germany

Setting up a partner and reseller program

Setting up a marketing strategy

Representing Sybari in the press in Germany

Public relation strategy with Maisberger in Munich

Organizing a trade show (Systems 2001 / Munich)

Type of business or sector





02/2001 - 07/2001

Main activities and responsibilities

Service Account Management

Technically supervising three named accounts

Responsible for the service contracts

Responsible for the technical realization of the SUN hard- and software

implemented in these accounts

Escalation management of the critical systems

Organization of action plans for software migration

Organization of hardware support plans

Backup concepts for time- and mission-critical systems in data centers

Soft- and hardware upgrade management

Type of business or sector

Hardware (employed)




03/1999 - 02/2001

Main activities and responsibilities

Project: Y2K Project, Bank

Building up a network on the base of the Microsoft Domain Model (1 PDC, 2

BDCs, 4 Servers, 20 Clients)

Installing a Raid 5 system on Siemens Primagy with Mylex Raid controllers

Installing MS Cluster Server

Testing the automated installation for the clients and severs

Documenting the Y2K tests for Norcom products used in the Commerzbank


Project: Terminal Server for the “Immobiliengesellschaft der Frankfurter Sparkasse”

Trouble shooting the installed software

Training for MS-Windows NT Client


Project: Terminal Server for the Star One AG (Star21Networks)

Co-project management for the technical realization of the project

Resource planning for the project

Building up an ASP server-farm with Citrix Metaframe

Project management for ASP

Business Development introducing a partner concept

Sales and Key-Accounting concept

Introducing an intranet solution


Project: Business Development

Market analyses for a CRM / Content Management System

Setting up an office in Nuernberg

Organizing a booth at the European Banking Fair

Representative at trade shows

Customer Relation / Account Management

Business: Software



Project: Localization for Intraware AG / Fulda

Planning of the technical realization of the project

Resource and budget planning for the project

Documentation of the project

Process management and analysis of the workflow

Type of business or sector

IT Business Integrator (employed)




02/1999 - 03/1999

Main activities and responsibilities

PC Rollout with NT, HSD Host emulation and Office

3rd level support

Type of business or sector





07/1998 - 09/1998

Main activities and responsibilities

Administrating the basic network with Windows NT 4

Administrating Exchange

Migrating MR Office, a customized workflow management on the base

of MS Office with Outlook as Desktop environment

3rd level support for all Office products

Project: introducing an electronical archive as the base for a global

knowledge base

Planning the intra / internet of Munich Re

Programming in HTML (basic)

Type of business or sector





09/1996 - 12/1996

Main activities and responsibilities

Planning and coordinating the network using:

SCO Unix with ASCII Terminals

and Desktop Computers with Windows NT 3.5

Organizing the WAN connection to the Headquarter in Doha / Bahrain

Administrating the network

Type of business or sector

Qatar Insurance, Dubai UAE




1995 - 1996

Main activities and responsibilities

Business: Cyprus Today Newspaper, Cyprus

Project: Creating the Site and building up a network solution


Business: Cyprus Today Newspaper, Cyprus

Project: Building up a Client-Server network solution using:

OS/2 with IBM Connect


Business: International American University, Cyprus

Project: Computer Information Systems

Professional use and support of Operating Systems

Generating workflow and management automation using standard

Office applications

Automating Software installation and support

Basics in Business Administration




1993 - 1995

Main activities and responsibilities

Information & Documentation

On and off-line retrieval in different databases, using different retrieval and

documentation software

Information broking using the internet as an information recourse

Type of business or sector

Fachhochschule Darmstadt

















Education and training





1993 - 1995

Principal subjects / occupational skills covered

Information & Documentation

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Fachhochschule Darmstadt




1995 - 1996

Title of qualification awarded

Bachelor of Arts, hns. (GPA: 2.92 of 4.0)

Principal subjects / occupational skills covered

Computer Information Systems

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

International American University, Kyrenia / Bellapais / Zypern



Personal skills and competences




Mother tongue(s)




Other language(s)






W r i t i n g

European level (*)




Spoken interaction

Spoken production





Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user


(*) Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level



Social skills and competences

Relation management

Conflict management



Computer skills and competences

Computer knowledge since 1989


Operating Systems


Microsoft DOS ver. 3.3-6.22

Microsoft Windows 3.0-3.11

Microsoft Win´95 / 98

Microsoft Win NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP

IBM OS2 ver. 3-4

UNIX SCO / Solaris 8

Linux SuSE / Red Hat / Slackware / Debian





Microsoft Exchange Server 2000

Microsoft Outlook

Lotus Domino Server

Lotus Notes 4.x -5Gold



Microsoft Office 97-XP mit Microsoft FrontPage

IBM Works

Star Office 3.0-7.0

OpenOffice 1.x



HTML / Perl / shell: ksh, csh, bash

Fabasoft eGouvernment Componants



MR Office (Munich Re)

Lotus Notes R4.X, R5


Fabasoft eGouvernment

Peregrine Service Center (HP-Service-Center)

Remedy Action Request



Borderware Admin

Microsoft Resource kits

Seagate Backup

Trend Virus

Sybari Antigen

Exchange Admin

MS Project

MS SQL Server

MS Cluster Server

Visio Professionell

Mind Manager

Borderware Firewall (*BSD)

Mandrake Single Network Firewall

VNC Viewer

HP Jet Admin

Mylex Raid Controller

Solstice Disk Suit

Solstice Enterprise Manager





Nagios NRPE
Linux LVM (CLVM)
Linux Heartbeat incl. STONITH via HP-ILO
Linux DRBD Cluster
RedHat Satellite Server (RHN)
Linux Kickstart (spacewalk, cobbler)
Peregrine Service Center (HP-Service-Center)
GNUpg (pgp)
ssh, rdp, rsh






Oracle Enterprise (client)




















Other skills and competences

Self employed Linux-Projects since 2003


Planning and Setup of server environments for small / medium enterprises:

Firewall (IPChains, IPTabels)

Mailserver (sendmail, postfix, Spamassassin, ClamAV)

Webserver (Apache)

CMS-System (Apache, PHP4, J2EE)

Fileserver (SMB, Appletalk, NFS)

Remote Administration (Webmin)

Security analysis (PCI/DSS, BSI)



Mastering MS SQL Server (1998-1999)

Visual Basic Fundamentals

Mastering Visual Basic

Visual C++ Fundamentals

Mastering Visual C++

Windows Open Systems

Basic training for OCTOPUS-Products (Mar. 2000)

Solaris 8 System Administration 1 + 2 (Mar. 2001)

SUN Storage (A5x "Photon") (May 2001)

SUN Enterprise Server Ex000 + Ex500 (May 2001)

Fabasoft eGovernment Suite (Dec. 2003)

Official Slackware-Linux Support for D / A / CH since January 2004

Further Skills:

Using the method “Structured Analysis” (SA) and “Structured Design” (SD) for Analysis and Design in the solution- and project-management. ITIL based project management.

Common methods in project management for planning

Controlling and supervising complex projects in EDP-surroundings

Design, setup and implement Change- Release and Patchmanagement based on ITIL specifications.

Analyze and design of PCI/DSS compliant environments including pre-audit sessions and audit assistance.

Controlling and supervising projects from the first contact to the installation and release:

- Planning and implementation of presentations and trade shows

- Acquiring and supervising of system partners for the integration and the deployment of standard    products in complex projects

- Planning the deployment of complex investments and consulting in